Aesthetic medicine magazine

In an age where culture and discipline are essential and fundamental elements to create the status of a personality, now more than ever, in these two areas it is imperative to have a healthy and beautiful “stage presence”.

This is the main task of modern Aesthetic Medicine and is our main priority at Juva MAGAZINE and for Editor in Chief Dr. Dvora Ancona, surgeon, editor and journalist who has chosen to investigate, research and study methods at the forefront of this important branch of medicine.

Advances in Aesthetic Medicine don’t happen by chance but by intuition and single-minded continuous comparison of the most respected specialists in the international scientific community. Progress, essential details, news and information that you will find regularly in this magazine.

The main point of the commitment of Advanced Aesthetic Medicine is to heal and improve the skin and enhance the natural beauty of the person without altering the original form and physical structure.

The main players of the discipline, destined to become more and more important, are some of the most advanced equipment that technology has to offer exceptional and ever-evolving, all of which you will find in the pages of the magazine.

On the topic of radio frequency lasers and the medical and scientific technologies which offer an alternative to the antiquated concept of the scalpel.

Thanks to her relationship with key players of the most advanced research, Dr. Ancona was able to create Juva MAGAZINE journale online, through which, it is possible to learn about the most innovative techniques and equipment to treat flaws to beautiful skin. Juva magazine offers the possibility to know about surgeons, doctors, and the most advanced technologies on international level.

In the magazine on line you will also find articles about culture, news, fashion, curiosity, gossip, and much more to give the reader a pleasant and enjoyable escape from day-to-day life.

Happy Reading.